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[PL] Arkana of Love 1

34,99 zł



The first polish edition of a best-selling game for couples.

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Number of Players 2+
Age od 18
Game Time 30-60 minut
Edition 3
Weight 0,3 kg
Height 10,8 cm
Width 7,7 cm
Depth 2,2 cm

"Love is aeternal." 

Dante Alighieri

Love…  So many enchanting poems and books have been written about it.
It’s an extraordinary force that moves our hearts every day,
so that we can enjoy moments of closeness with our partner.
Yet, it’s always a good idea to introduce some interesting changes…

About Arcana of Love:

If you’re looking for an exclusive, erotic game, Arkana of Love will satisfy your expectations.
The box contains impressive cards full of varied challenges, passionate actions,
but also sexy arts created by young illustrators and professional photographers alike.
Arkana of Love is a very sensual proposition. It features innovative,
but simple rules, which results in a very dynamic gameplay.
The game increases sexual intensiveness and helps develop relations.
It enables you to overcome your shyness or introduce diversions
that will make your sexual life even more exciting!
Arkana of Love is a bestseller in the Polish market of games for couples.

How do I play Arkana of Love?

The game is based on using the following cards:
·         Arkana – played to undress your partner or yourself
·         Challenges – played to strengthen mutual attachment and trust
·         Actions – played to lose yourselves in caresses
·         Special Actions – played to make the gameplay more dynamic
·         Counter-actions – played to negate/change Actions or Challenges

The game ends when at least one participant is naked or one of you uses a card
of “Arkana of Love” that makes you fall into each other's’ arms and reach ecstasy,
romantically entwined around yourselves…

Why will I like Arkana of Love?

·         It enables you to bring something new and fresh to your lovemaking and make your fantasies come true...
·         It features lots of options thanks to many varied cards.
·         It gives you the opportunity to create your own decks (as suits your needs and preferences).
·         It evolves all the time, with new expansions appearing every couple of months…
·         It is tasteful and elegant – a great present for close friends.
·         It is a card game, so you can take it practically everywhere :).

Box contents:

·         64 cards
·         Rulebook (DOWNLOAD)

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[PL] Arkana of Love 1

[PL] Arkana of Love 1

The first polish edition of a best-selling game for couples.

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