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[PL] Swing

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A hilarious party card game for 3-8 players about the Quest for
the ideal love and anything happening along the way.

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Number of Players 3+
Age od 16
Game Time 30-60 minut
Edition 1
Weight 0,4
Height 26
Width 17,5
Depth 5,5

About Swing:

Swing – let your imagination guide you! Play the first party game
about looking for the love of your life!
In the game, you will become a passionate Casanova or a wild,
seductive Femme Fatale!
Your goal in this game is to gain 30 ecstasy points!
You gain them by using cards to propose other players…
erotic frolics normally found only on the pages of Kama Sutra!
You can choose your partner and ask if he or she wishes to make love with you or…
go on a blind date and spend some time with the player, who was the quickest!
But the funniest thing is – when a couple wants to gain points for the great
and completely crazy intercourse, other players can interrupt them because
– for example – someone’s mom is calling or a puppy is pissing on the carpet!
Some cards may bring you so much pleasure that you
may even change your sexual orientation!
That’s not all! Before the game, you randomly draw character cards that show…
how profitable it is to make love with certain players!
Be ready, because practically everything can change during Swing… even sex!
Experience crazy parties with this funny and surprising game of Swing!

How do I play Swing?

Swing is an extremely funny, party card game for a group of 3-8 people.
Your goal is to gain the most ecstasy points.
You gain points by fulfilling romances with cards showing various Sexual Positions.
However, you must be careful! The competition is fierce, so other players will be
more than willing to interrupt you.
But you can easily retaliate whenever they do!
Are you ready for the mental Kama Sutra?

Main features of Swing:

·         Crazy dose of great humor
·         Hot sexual taboos
·         77 card with intricate sexual positions
·         12 colorful characters
·         Sex, romance and competition
·         Tons of safe fun!

Box contents:

·         89 cards
·         Board for tracking points
·         16 colorful markers
·         Rulebook (DOWNLOAD)

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[PL] Swing

[PL] Swing

A hilarious party card game for 3-8 players about the Quest for
the ideal love and anything happening along the way.

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